Removing digital signature



I saved a workbook with a digital signature, but now want to remove it so I
can edit the workbook. When I try to remove the signature, signature is
"invalid" and I get a message saying it can't be removed because workbook is
read only. Message says "to add or remove signatures, enable editing, save
changes & try again." How do I enable editing? Most of my options are greyed




You can remove a digital signature from a Microsoft Office document that has
been digitally signed.

Open the document that contains the signature you want to remove.
Click the Microsoft Office Button
point to Prepare, and then click View Signatures.
In the Signatures task pane, point to the signature that you want to remove,
click the arrow that appears on the right, and then click Remove Signature.
When you are asked if you want to permanently remove the signature, click

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