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Jenny B.

I have a group that installs a Digital Certificate I created to enable use of
my spreadsheet macros. Because one of my macros inserts a new worksheet,
this removes my certificate once the user selects save (and they have to save
the worksheet).

Is there a way to write logic into the Add Page macro to tell it to keep the
Digital Certificate (meaning the page add is at my request vs. the user).
Technically this act should not be considered a modification since I
programmed it, but I'm looking for a workaround since it will not retain it
no matter what I come up with.

I found the below article in Microsoft Excel Help that loosely addresses
what I'm running into and a resolution (see below). It notes that with a
proper certificate, it should recert itself and that's what I'm looking to
do. Any ideas?? Any ideas what a proper certificate is since I thought that
was what mine is?

Thank you - Jenny B.

****Microsoft Message*****

You should sign macros only after your solution has been tested and is ready
for distribution, because whenever code in a signed macro project is modified
in any way, its digital signature is removed. However, if you have the proper
digital certificate on your computer, the macro project will automatically be
re-signed when saved. If you want to prevent users of your solution from
accidentally modifying your macro project and invalidating your signature,
lock the macro project before signing it. Your digital signature says only
that you guarantee that this project is safe. It does not prove that you
wrote the project. So locking your macro project doesn't prevent another user
from replacing the digital signature with another signature. Corporate
administrators might re-sign templates and add-ins so that they can control
exactly what users may run on their computers.



Gord Dibben


Sounds like you are adding the Signature/Certificate in the wrong place.

Are you going through Tools>Options>Security>Digital Signatures>Add?

Don't use that method. Try this method.................

Alt + F11 to open VBEditor.

Tools>Digital Signature>Choose.

That is the point where the DS is added and will stay with the workbook when
saved after changes are made.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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