Self Signed Projects



I have created a certificate to self sign a project. Users of the code
install the certificate in their "Trusted Root Certification Authorities"
folder. After the appropriate warning, of course.

Microsoft says
"Microsoft Office will only trust a self-signed certificate on a computer
that has the private key for that certificate available (generally only the
computer that actually created the certificate, unless the private key is
shared with other computers)."

Question 1: Does that mean that even if they install my certificate in the
trusted location that they cannot have their macro security set on high?

Question 2: How does one share the private key?

Question 3: Does that mean that the computer it is shared with can also
sign projects and make them look like they came from me?


Gord Dibben

You cannot export the key for SelfCert signatures to other stand-alone

Only good for use on the computer on which they are created.

If on a network with a shared store the key will be available to all.

I don't run on a network so cannot suggest how to set up a shared store.

But, you do not need the signature if users store your workbook in a "Trusted

I do not mean "trusted root certification authorities" in MMC

I mean in Excel under Button>Excel Options>Trust Center>Options>Macro Security.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

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