Office Excel 2003 Macro error with .xls files


Dan R

We are running Microsoft Office 2003 on Windows XP Pro SP3 (HP Business

Excel was running fine until recently we started having an error when
opening an Excel document with the extension of .xls.

We get a dialog box now when opening the file saying "Macros are disabled
because the security level is set to High and a digitally signed Trusted
Certificate is not attached to the macros. To run the macros, change the
security level to a lower setting (not recommended), or request the macro's
be signed by the author using a certificate issued by a Certificate

There are then instructions on how to select Macro and Security and how to
change this to high. We noticed that the settings are already set to High on
the computer, thus we didn't make any changes as instructed here.

We then see instructions on how to examine the certificate of trust details
and set the "Always trust macros from this publisher." box if you trust the
certificate issued by the publisher.
Click the Enable button to allow the macro to run.
We don't see where this option is to adjust this? Where can we find this?
Is it where you open the file or where should we be looking to find the
Enable button to allow the macro to run?

What else could be the problem? Are there other things we can try? We
notice that Excel only has this popup box on this specific .xls file and
opens others fine.

This file also does the same popup when opened on another machine running
Win XP and Office 2003. So are there other items we can change in the file
iteself to prevent the dialog box from coming up in the future?

What is recommended to fix this?

Dan R


Somebody in your MIS department changed your settings. You need to change
the security settings in excel before opening up your document. Once you
make the change you won't need to do it again. go to excel worksheet and
change the following menu

Tools - Macro -Security - Medium.

I recommend Medium where you will be alerted everytime excel opens a file
with a macro.

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