Excel Macro Warning problems



Hello group
In one PC of mine that have the Office 2003 version the excel had this
annoying problem of excel macro notification

Security Warning
Macros contains viruses.It is usually safe to disable macros,but if
the macros are legitimate, you might lose some functionality.
then below it are boxes that says
Disable Macro , Enable Macros More Info

If I disable Macro it says...

The workbook contains a type of Macro( vesion 4 .0) that cannott be
disabled. There might be viruses in these Macros. If you are sure this
macro is from trusted source click to open the workbook

These message kept on recurring whenever I start Excel on that PC ...
Is there a remedy for these pesky notification... and will it not
cause problems with the Excel on that pC.




Do you mean the Enable/Disable macros dialog that appears when the
workbook opens? If so, just digitally sign the VB project for that
workbook using a self-created digital signature (do a Bing or Google
search for SELFCERT.EXE). Apply the digital signature to that workbook
and then reopen it, making sure you check the box that allows you to
"trust" that digital signature.

Then you can open the workbook without the macro warning.

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