Removing a DC




What is the best way to safley remove a Windows 2000 DC from a Windows 2000
AD Domain? (I know they are not called Domains anymore. :)

I recently upgraded my NT4 (PDC) Server to Windows 2000 using a
"Worksatation" as a BDC. Then I promoted it to a NT4 PDC and proceeded with
the upgrade. Once done, I transfered the DC role via dcpromo to my Windows
2000 server and then trnasfered the FSMO roles as well.

What is the best way to remove the "Workstation" from the DC role and the
Domain as it is no longer needed?

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Hi Ya

The best way to demote the 'workstation' from Domain Controller status, is
to use DCPROMO.

On the 'workstation', Start > Run > dcpromo. Dcpromo will detect that the
machine is a Domain Controller, and ask if you want to remove directory
** Important ** Do not choose the option that asks if it is the last DC in
the domain.

Good that you've already transfered the FSMO roles.

It is important that the above is done while the machine is still joined to
the 'live' network. If you don't, the objects relating to the 'Workstation'
as a DC will not be removed, and you'll end up with having to metadata
cleanup etc.

Hope it helps.


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