Removal of Service Pack 3?


Brian Hammer


I recently did a fresh install of Windows XP w/ Service Pack 3 from the CD
image I downloaded in the technet downloads section. However, come to find
out that one of the devices I was attaching to this station is not compatible
with Service Pack 3. Is it possible to uninstall Service Pack 3 when it was
installed along with the original Windows install, or will I be forced to
format and install fresh without Service Pack 3?

For what it's worth the device is a Nikon D1X digital SLR camera. Nikon's
website states that this camera does not support SP3, but of course I didn't
know that before.

Brian Hammer



Andrew E.

If SP3 is up & running,try the nikon as is,yes SP3 can be uninstalled thru
add/remove programs,however XP wont be to happy about it.....

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