Floppy Boot Install - Service Pack 3



I have a couple computers with SATA DVD drives. While Windows detects them
perfectly the BIOS does not. This means that I can not install Windows XP
without using a floppy drive.

I've come to rely on the Setup Disks for Floppy Boot Install
Microsoft has released a new version for every service pack except service
pack 3.

Are they still working on it? Does anyone know when it will be made
available? I really need those disks!


It seems to me that you need to check your BIOS settings as to why the BIOS
will not detect SATA DVD drives.
On both of my Systems using SATA DVD drives they are detected and I can and
have Installed XP as well as Vista in this manner.
Are they even listed in the BIOS?? Boot Order?? SATA enabled??


Andrew E.

By default a MB designed for SATA or RAID is disabled until opted by the
try advanced chipset Integrated Peripherals (or similiar),on chip Serial ATA
(or similiar)..Also,read the owners manual.


The SATA chip is enabled in the BIOS. The computers are all running SATA hard
drives. It's as if the BIOS can only see connected hard drives, but not DVD
drives. Under Boot order only the floppy drive and SATA hard drive show up.
When I boot with the Windows XP floppy disks and I provide the SATA chip
drivers the installation picks up the DVD drive just fine, I simply can't
boot directly from the DVD drive. That is why I need the updated disks for
Service Pack 3. Can anyone help me in this regard?


Could you post the motherboard name and model ....
This is a puzzling event I would like to research a little more...


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I see that the SATA/Ide controller is both Via and Promise

2 channels Serial ATA 150 via VT8237 south bridge with RAID 0,1 support
1 channel ATA/133 via Promise PDC20378 with RAID 0, 1, 0+1 support
2 channels Serial ATA 150 via Promise PDC20378 RAID with RAID 0, 1,

Promise PDC20378 SATA/IDE RAID

with some of the older mobo you actually needed to load the RAID drivers..
and of course it depends upon which controller you have you CD/DVD drives
plugged into

I couldn't find a diagram to tell me which SATA connector runs from what
chip..a little short on time today..but I will try again
later on...or maybe your mobo manual has that info.

hopefully this was some help


Connect the DVD drive to SATA1 or SATA2 connector. In BIOS under
Advanced menu, Enable OnChip SATA Boot ROM.


I don't think you guys read what I'm saying.

1. The SATA chip is fully enabled in the BIOS as stated before.
2. There is Hard drive connected to the SATA interface which the computer
boots from, so I know the SATA chip is working.
3. As far as the Promise chip goes, its not very good. It's totally unable
to detect any optical drive.

As far as I can see the only solution is the Floppy Install set?


we read what you said...we have just never come across a system where the
SATA Controller does NOT see the CD/DVD drives in
the BIOS......and therefore wonder as to why your system would do that..
By your answer I assume you are using the Promise Controller for the CD/DVD
and have it turned on in the BIOS..both VIA and Promise enabled??
and have done what Andy suggested???
I also assume that you have tried the reverse set up..HD on the Promise SATA
and CD/DVD on the VIA ???

Like I said this puzzles me and further research is required...I am still
searching and nowhere have I run across any article where
the same problem exists...I have run across numerous tests of this mobo and
they all loaded XP off CD without problems...
what's different on yours????





I have the A8V and connected a DVD drive and a hard drive to the SATA
ports. The Via VT8237 RAID BIOS V2.01 does detect both drives, but the
ASUS BIOS does not provide the option to boot from the DVD drive.

I installed a PCI card that uses the VT6421 chip and connected the two
drives to the SATA connectors. The Via VT6421 RAID BIOS V4.50 does
detect both drives, and the ASUS BIOS provides the option to boot from
the DVD drive.

Why don't you use an IDE DVD drive to install?


Well I don't have an IDE drive lying around and I don't want to go out and
buy one just to install an operating system. This kinda sucks. Haha

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