Remote shutdown via psshutdown.exe



Does anyone know how to make this disapear:

I'm using Windows Vista Business 32bit sp1 and i use a program called down
psshutdown.exe by sysinternals. It worked perfectly with XP Pro but i'm
getting an issue. When i run the same script remotely from a PC, on the same
named computer (gates15) for example it does do the shutdown timer and does
work but i can't view the message that displays though. I get this:

You can only see the image when you click "Show me the message"

But before i click it, its in the Task bar blinking interactive service and
it is minimized.

Question is:

How can i get it to actualyl display the message? Which option needs to be
disabled or enabled?

More information:

Interactive services dialog can be turned on and off via services manager.

How can i configure this service to not include a specific program such as
psshutdown.exe or enable it so it is on a list of approved programs for
example and just shows up fully instead of using interactive services dialog


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