Remote registry access between two Win XP Pro machines?



I have two Win XP Pro SP2 machines on a local home network.
No external access outside of this network is needed.
I'm trying to use computer A to remotely modify the registry of
computer B or vice versa depending on which PC I'm at and logged
in as part of the Administrators users group.
I'm trying to do remote registry by two different methods:
a) using regedit and to connect to the other computers registry
b). using XP support tools to do use the "reg.exe" command
to query, and add or delete registry entries on the computer

I see the remote registry service is started and is automatic on both

Here's the problem,
a). I can use regedit to pull the other computers registry in. The
two keys are HKLM and HKLU (if I remember). However, when I
try to expand this list, I am denied. Nor can I change these keys
permissions or see if I'm on the access list as admin.
If I try to add to the access list i.e. computer B\Administrator
or my user account name in place of Administrator by changing
the permissions on the HKLM or HKLU by going to that computer
(computer A) and changing it there and save it off, it wont let me
so that I can go back to computer B and try to view these keys remotely
now that I've given them access permissions. Why?

b). If I try to remotely query, add, delete a registry entry in HKLM on
the remote computer (ie computer B) from computer A I get
access denied even though the remote registry service is running.

reg add \\COMPUTERB\HKLM\..... and the rest of the registry key with the DWORD
I'm trying to add

The same applies to the "query" command too for the DWORD I'm trying to see.

In both of the above cases, I've read the KB article that deals with the
"winreg" key entry being setup a certain way with the other keys too
and my two computers are already configured like the KB article states.
I even tried to change the access permissions on the keys dealing with
and couldn't when I tried to do i.e. "COMPUTERB\Administrator" or my user
login account like above so that I could give another Computer access by
telling "winreg" to allow me through.

How to fix the problems in (a) and (b) above to allow me to do this?

PS: Must my admin account or my user account which belongs to the
admin group have a password for the above to work? But, neither
the regedit connect to remote computer registry nor the reg query
command prompt me for a password based on a username that may
be sent to the remote computer that I' trying to remote registry to.
If so, must the passwords and/or usernames be the same? There
is no KB article to address the user account/password needs for
remote registry.

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