Remote Registry - Requested registry access is not allowed.



I am trying to access a registry key on computer like so:

key = RegistryKey.OpenRemoteBaseKey(RegistryHive.LocalMachine,

There are two keys I am trying to read, 1 works, and the other gives
me the "Requested registry access is not allowed."
i've narrowed it down to
It doesnt let me access that path, but the permissions are the same.
I can access it alright on my own machine (passing my machine name
into OpenRemoteBaseKey) but not anyone's remote machine.

It lets me access HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT
but not

Although I get the same error "Requested registry access is not
allowed" if i enter an incorrect path, eg HKLM\Software\fdjkhfjkh

Any ideas where i may be going wrong?

Shine Xavier

You would need the right permissions for accessing the registry on the
remote PC.
Please verify (Registry Editor>Edit>Permissions)

Hope this helps!
Thanks -


Cheers, that does seem to be why it is encountering problems.
I can run the app fine as 'Administrator', but, the permissions are
set so all users should have read access.

I want a few key users to be able to run the app, how would i go about
authenticating on a remote machine and not using my current login as

Or related: Is there a way of reading the registry through WMI? I'm
already connecting to each machine through wmi as admin, if i could
read the registry somehow through there it would make it much easier.
I couldn't find a method of doing it though.

Shine Xavier

Yes, you can do this by the folllowing 3 steps:

Step 1:
Create a domain user (say application user)

Assign Registry "Read Access" on the remote pc/server for just the "required
key" (Right click on the respective key and assign permissions) for "this
This will tighten the security.

Now run the application using the identity of the application user created
in Step 1.
You could spawn a separate process and run the application that accesses the
remote registry using this user role.

Now as for using WMI, please check out this link -

Hope this helps!
Thanks -


Cheers for the help.
I was with you all the way upto step 3.
How do i run the application 'as the user created in step 1'? Run-as..
in XP doesnt work, i'd rather not have to log out and log in as the
user (which works) because thats quite a hassle.
Ideally i'd like to just give the application administrator
priveledges, it has to read a few registry keys on ~100 PC's on the
network, unless i can assign permissions using Group Policy.

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