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Good day.

I have a client that runs windows XP PRO (fully patched)
and logs on via remote desktop to a windows 2003 server
(also fully patched)
Everything worked fine for the first three weeks,and all
of a sudden when he tries to log on to the server his
profile gets corrupt,for no apparent reason,This is the
message he gets at logon.:
--Windows cannot load the
locally stored profile.Possible cause of this error
include insufficient rights or a corrupt local profile.if
this problem persists,contact your network administrator.

At this point the user clicks OK and another message
pop's up .:
--Windows cannot find the local profile and is
logging you on with a temporary profile.Changes you make
to this profile will be lost when you log off.

Note that the user has full administrator rights on his

After deleting his profile on the server,he logs on again
and everything is OK.when he logs on the the next
morning,his profile is again corrupt,I have deleted both
profiles (on his computer and the server again) and the
same problem come's up again.I have also tried accessing
the server from another machine through remote desktop
using his account, WITHOUT being able to reproduce the

I would appreciate any input from you folks out there

thank you in advance


P.S.:e-mail available on request


Try checking under users on the workstation and make the
user a local user to that workstation and see what
happens. I am not running a windows network but have had
similar problems with Outlook and windows 2000
workstations when someone logs in and it says the same
thing and the workstation overwrites the users profile and
all locally stored email was overwritten.
Hope it helps.


in my experience as a network analyst, ive found the message your getting isnt anything to do with the profile being corrupt, I get this message all the time on Citrix servers when a profile isnt logged off correctly, example: just pressing the "x" in the top right of the screen. its a cached profile

The profile is still active on the server and is "stuck", im not sure if this applys to anything over windows NT, but usualy i just right click my computer an disconnect the user from the properties screen in there. BUT as i said im not sure if this is the same thing on anything above NT

Hope this helps

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