Remote Desktop Printing



I am using Remote Desktop to connect to our company Windows 2003 Small
Business Server. When making the connection I have properly chosen the
option to use the local printers. One of the local printes is a remote
printer, a Brother MFC-8440 multi-function printer on the local network here
at home (basically the printer has an installed print server and connects to
the network using TCPIP) which did not “appear†when I connected remotely. I
found some information on the Microsoft site and installed the MFC-8440
printer driver for Windows Server 2003 on the server and reconnected.

When I reconnected and tried to print a test page, it didn’t print. The
printer was not checked as default so I changed it to the default printer. I
also checked the ports and the printer was attached to the port “TS001†which
said “Inactive TS Port†There were two other ports (TS002 and TS003) so I
changed the port first to TS002 with no luck then to TS003. Eureka! It
worked. It printed a test page and anything else I asked it to print. I
logged off the remote session.

The next time I logged on using Remote Desktop, however, it wouldn’t print.
I opened up the properties and took a look at the ports and it was still
connected using port TS003 but TS003 now said “Inactive TS Port†and TS001
appeared active. I changed it to TS001 and it printed. Additionally, it did
not seem to “save†the Brother Printer as the default because another printer
was so designated.

I’ve tested it several times and it never fails to alternate between TS001
and TS003 as the correct ports. Each time I log off, the port that worked
that time becomes inactive upon the next logon. Nothing changed on the
Server (no reboot, down, etc.) because I’ve tested it and it happens even if
I immediately reopen a Remote Desktop session.

Will you help me with my two problems: alternating TS Ports and “savingâ€
the default printer setting? I sure would appreciate it!

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