Remote Desktop over two different networks?



We are a two location Law firm connected by a point-to-point T1 which uses
the same class internal IP address system (192.168.0.XX) in both locations.
In location A we have all files servers and technical staff. In location B
we have no technical staff or servers. Location B can access all servers
seemlessly over the T1. We provide remote access to the severs through a
Windows 2003 server running Microsoft Remote Access Server (RAS). In
addition to RAS we use remote desktop to access individual PC’s regardless of

All is well.

To increase the performance of location B’s access to the servers our T1
provider suggests we replace the point-to-point with a VPN (IP MPLS network).
In order to accomplish this location B network IP addresses must be
different from location A perhaps 192.168.16.XX. Remote access to the
servers will not change but I am concerned about using remote desktop to
locations B’s PC’s.

How is this accomplished? Is there a white paper on the configuration?

Thank you for your time.

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