Remote Desktop Office to Home - slight issue



I have setup, well trying to setup a Remote Desktop connection from a
internet pc at work to my PC at home.
The work PC goes straight out to the internet and is not behind a Web Marshal
The PC at home is on XP PRO and i have made remote access available. (My
I have also Configured my DSL Modem for Port Forwarding Port 3389 to my
local PC IP address. NO-IP is also running and i have setup a domain name
with them. I have checked and the Port 3389 is open.
I can access remote desktop through my local LAN using my wireless laptop
that is also connected to the Modem.

When i try and connect through it comes up with the:

The Client could not connect to the remote computer.
Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to
accept new connections.
It is also possible that networ problems are preventing your connection
Please try connecting again later. If the problem continues to occur,
contact you administrator.

I can ping the domain name fine and have also tried using the IP address and
putting 3389 on the end. e.g.

Does anyone have any ideas to sort this?


From the error message you posted, it appears that you are forwarding
correctly to the machine on the private side of your modem, but the
connection is being refused. Make sure any host firewall that you may be
using (if not Windows firewall; Windows firewall will permit the connection
simply by configuring remote Access through the GUI) is configured to allow
the incoming connection and that the credentials that you use to connect to
the remote machine are EITHER for a local Admin, OR for an account that you
have added to the Select Remote Access Users table.

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