Remote Desktop Errors.



Remote desktop installs are very simple here and we never run into problems
with them....till now. When we try to install remote desktop on this
computer and connect to the servers that we usually do it gives us this "The
remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the licensing
protocol. Please try connecting to the remote computer again or contact your
system administrator" error. If we use another installatoin of remote
desktop that we have we get another error that lists 3 solutions. I dont
think that the suggested fixes will work as we can connect just fine with
this same profile an any other computer. We are connecting to servers that
are on a different but trusted domain.

Vera Noest [MVP]

This error can appear if you had a temporary license and the
90 days has expired. It can appear if you do not have a
TS License server in your domain or the TS License server is
older than the TS Server (Windows 2003 TS and Windows 2000
License Server). Check the EventLog on your TS.

Vera Noest
MCSE,CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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