Remote Assistance connection failing




My Dad is trying to invite me to use Remote Assistance but we can't
establish a connection no matter whether we use Outlook Express or Windows
Live Messenger.

He's using:
Windows XP Pro with SP2
Norton Internet Security 2006
Windows Firewall is off
Zyxel Prestige 600 broadband modem

I'm using:
Windows XP Home with SP2
Trend Micro PC Cillin 14 Personal Firewall
Windows Firewall is on, Remote Assistance is allowed
Netgear ADSL Firewall Router DG834

So far I have tried opening port 3389 on his firewall but as I am not
familiar with Norton and I was trying to talk him through that over the phone
I'm not at all confident we've done it right. We're in different countries
so I can't just pop round and check. I've asked him to email Norton for
step-by-step instructions to configure the firewall.

It may not be a firewall problem at all because I have tried turning both
our firewalls off for 5 minutes but still could not connect.

Do you think this might therefore be a NAT device problem? And if so, what
can I do to resolve it? I have Googled for his modem but I can't find much
info on it at all, very little is in English but even after translating the
web pages none of it seems relevant.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Is he behind a router?
If he is, you will have to forward the port through that. Unless you are on
the same lan. Then you wouldn't.

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