Reminders for birthdays and anniversaries



When I use the contact and select details and input the data for birthdays
and anniversaries, I can not set a reminder. I like to be reminded one week
prior to. The birthday and/or anniversary will appear on my calendar and
then I can edit it for a reminder. However, the reminder NEVER shows up on
my computer.

Previously I use the calendar to input the birthdays and could not a
reminder. The reminder was always there. However, using the contact only
for birthdays and anniversaries, the reminder feature does not work.

Any suggestions?

Vince Averello [MVP-Outlook]

The birthday/anniversary fields should cause the creation of events in your
calendar folder. On those events you can set reminders.


Even though I can set the reminder . . . a pop up box for reminder does not
come up on my computer by using the details of the contact for birthdays,
etc. However, if I put the birthday with reminder directly into the calendar
and not the contact details I get a reminder.

What do I do to correct the problem using the details in contacts methods?

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