birthday reminders do not function when using backup data



The birthday (probably all) reminder function does not work after I
downloaded my backup data file for all the existing contacts. It works if I
add a new contact. How do I make the software recognize all my existing
contact birthdays?

Russ Valentine

What does "downloaded my backup data file" mean?
Transferring Outlook data incorrectly always breaks all connections. That's
what you did.


My question was not what did i do wrong, it was how do I fix my problem.

All the data is there after I transfered the data from the backup device to
the reloaded software.

Russ Valentine

How could we tell you how to fix your problem when you have yet to reveal
what you did?
Provide information or live with your problem.

Karl Timmermans

Short answer: do a search for a 3rd party solution (or write your own code)
that will reset the birthday/anniveraries in your calendar - one such option
is (no idea how well it
works - provided as a FYI only)

Longer answer:

Outlook <works> just fine. Birthday's are added to the calendar when a value
is entered into the field via the Outlook UI. Bypass the UI process and you
are no longer being governed by the Outlook UI rules. Not realistic to
expect that Outlook is going to scan every contact in the default contact
folder every time it runs to see who does and doesn't have a birthday
and then check to see if it is already in the calendar for a reminder.

To expand on Russ's question of "What does <downloaded my backup file>
mean?" (and the underlying reason for the question) - there are a number of
ways that contact data can be added to Outlook such as:
- importing the contact data from any of the supported file types
- opening up a secondary PST data file with contact folders
- opening up a <former> default PST file and making it the
<new> default
- syncing data with another source
an option that <doesn't exist> in Outlook vernacular is "downloading data"

On a very general level, any number of issues can appear to have the same
"symtom" with a potentially different cause and solution. Simple analogy
being - "Hey doc - need something for these severe stomach pains -
<why> I'm hurting is not important." Do you think the answer/solution
would be the same in all cases if those <stomach pains> were caused by
a) poison -
b) bad oysters -
c) your stomach having been used as a punching bag? etc etc
(just something to think about the next time when looking for an answer)

Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - Importer/DataPorter/Exporter/Toolkit/Duplicate Contact Mgr
"Contact import/export/data management tools for Outlook '2000/2007"

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