Reminders buried. Always on top? Or some other solution?



I am an analyst who typically has up to a dozen applications/items open on a
two screen desktop, all at the same time. I am constantly toggling from/to
different open applications/items. I often miss seeing Outlook reminders
because I'm doing something with some other application that allows the
Outlook reminder, when it does display, to be buried behind other desktop
items. My taskbar is too full to allow notice of a new Outlook reminder
window, particularly given the fact that I can have several Outlook items
open at the same time.

Is there some way to set an "always on top" option for outlook reminders? I
have no need to maintain open reminders and can always either dismiss or
postpone them. But I do need to assure that I see reminders when they are
displayed, instead of when they might eventually be discovered, later.

I am a nominal VB programmer. My primary programming languages are other
than VB. Is there some solution that can be used, to resolve my problem
(other than behavioral modification :) -- something that provides Outlook
reminders that can't be as easily lost in a very active, cluttered desktop?

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Other than behavioral modification the only option would be a low level
Windows message hook that checked for the opening of the reminder window and
brought it to the front or always on top (HWND_TOPMOST) using some Win32 API
calls. Fairly advanced programming techniques would be required.

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