Dismissed Reminders Keep Reappearing



I had posted about this before, and the only feedback I got was the generic
run with the /cleanreminders switch. Preemptively, I've done that and it had
no effect (good or bad). I've also added new details about the circumstances
surrounding the problem in this posting.

I'm running Outlook 2007 connected to an Exchange 2007 server. I access the
account from both my laptop and a desktop computer. Some (not all) of my
dismissed reminders keep coming back on both computers, so whatever the
problem, it's either related to or feeding back into the Exchange server.

The problem stems from the use of dual computers. As soon as the second
computer joins the network or launches Outlook while on the network, the
computer than was already running Outlook will suddenly show 27 (current
number) reminders.

They don't occur when only running either system alone.

Also, not all reminders keep coming back, but once does after being
dismissed, that reminder always comes back when the other rejoins the
network or launches Outlook.

I don't think it matters, but I do also have an MS Live mail account active
on both systems through the Outlook Connector.

This is a growing problem, as the number of reminders grows with the passing
of time. There are now dozens in the list. I can dismiss them now, but in a
few days, many of them will come back.

Please help. If I can provide any more info to help with a diagnosis, I'd be
happy to do that.



the appointments are they recurring?

I've seen this once. In my case it were recurring appointments where the
first appointment was deleted on a blackberry device because "keep
appointments" was set to 30 days on this device. deleting and creating new
appointments did the trick for me.


None of these are recurring. They are individual events or ToDo's. It's just
the alarm that keeps popping up, in many cases for events that are now
months past.

Any thoughts?


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