Can't Dismiss Reminders in Outlook 2007



Note that starting Outlook with /cleanreminders does not solve this problem.

Running Outlook 2007 and Vista Ultimate. Have 6 .pst files in Outlook.
Each time I enter Outlook, I get 691 reminders that are from calendar items
that several years old. I can dismiss all but 6 of these. These 6 I cannot
open or snooze. The other 685 I can open but they have the wrong date/time
as they are for the current date/time, not the original date/time.

The next time I enter Outlook, I get 691 reminders again, not just the 6 I
could not delete.

Diane Poremsky

do you need reminders from all of the psts? if not, I'd disable reminders on
the pst (right click on the top level of each pst and choose properties -
the option is in there somewhere)

if you need reminders, what version of outlook created the psts?

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