Reminder Bell Icon


Glen C.

I would like to ask Microsoft to update Outlook 2007 (Calendar program) to
display (at the option of the user) the small reminder bell icon next to any
entry/appointment that is placed on the Outlook 2007 Calendar. In other
words, for this to work the way is used to work in previous versions of

Based on the feedback I'm seeing in this forum and elsewhere on the
Internet, many users want this to work the way it used to. We're having a
hard time understanding why this feature has been removed from the 2007
version of the product. It seems like a small (but useful) thing, it doesn't
take up much screen real-estate, and people have spent years becoming
accustomed to it working in a certain way.

Could someone explain the rationale for removing such a feature, and/or
comment on the timeframe for when this will be put back into the product, and
how we can download that upgrade? Thank you.



Diane Poremsky

It's unlikely to be put back anytime soon, but if you just installed office
2007 (within the last 90 days) or have a support contract, open a support
incident on it - this is the best way to make yourself heard.

It was removed to provide a cleaner appearance in the day/week/month view.
It's still available in the table views (like category).

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