REG key



Is it possible to use an OEM COA key (Home Premium) with a retail disk of
Vista Home Premium.

I have a problematic ACER PC but I don't have the restoration disks and a
previous owner has deleted the restoration partition.



If you had to make a phone call, it didn't work. It only was vehicle for
instllation and you had to properly register it or it was a piracy issue.

If you opbtained the disks from Acer no phone call would have been

Since the computer is working and activated, I consider it did work.

It's cheaper and less time consuming to make a free phone call to MS than
having to deal with the Acer lousy support.

I wanted to install Vista Home Premium on a PC that originally came with
Vista Home Premium using the original COA key, I don't see piracy there.

The computer is now activated and ligit so I say the answer to my
original question is "Yes, but you might need to make a phone call".

If there was a piracy issue, they wouldn't activate it.

By the way I didn't "register" it, only activated.

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