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JD McLeod

I have a form [timeEntry] that is a basic time sheet. Its source is a query
that pulls in data based on a date range. A user can enter a new record on
the form by clicking a button that pops up a new data entry screen. Or they
can click another button and edit and existing record. If they update a new
record, the new record is added to the form view once the pop-up form is
closed. However, if they edit an existing record and change the date to fall
outside of the date range being used by the underlying query, the record
stays on the form. If i close the form and go back in, the record is gone
which is how it should be, but i want the record to remove when the user
closes the pop-up box. ANy help on how to refresh or requery the form view
would be helpful. thanks.


if i understand correctly, form A is based on a query that restricts the
records by criteria on a date/time field. once form A is opened, the user
can open form B to add a new record, or open Form C to edit an existing
record. when Form C is closed, you want the the edited record to show, or
not show, on Form A based on whether the date still falls within the query
criteria. correct?

if so, try adding a requery command to Form C's Close event procedure, as


replace FormA with the correct name of the form, of course.


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