Form Refresh with Shift F9


Claudette Hennessy

I have a form based on a query. A command button can go to another form and
choose data to add to the underlying table on which the query is based.
Upon return to the calling form, the new record is not in the record set,
although a query shows it is there. A refresh button does not add the
record, nor does a requery. The form must be closed and reopened to view
the new record. However Shift F9 totally refreshes the data. I have tried
writing to various events at form level with no success. How do you
duplicate Shift F9 programmatically?
Thank you,
Claudette Hennessy

ruralguy via

Hi Claudette,
I find it hard to believe that a Requery did not add the new record to your
recordset. Do you have a filter in place or something? I'm sorry but I have
no idea what <SHIFT> F9 does.

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