New records don't display on form with combo box


Steve Vincent

I built a pop-up form for creating new employee records, and I open this form
with a command button created to "Open Form". After creating the new record
in the new pop-up form, which populates the Employees Table, I then try to
display the new record with the combo box I created for record lookup on my
main form. This combo box is based on an SQL statement, based on the same
Employees table. I do not see the newest record(s) in the combo-box list
when I display it, unless and until I press F9 on the keyboard to update the
combo box list. Then when I select the latest record(s) on the combo box
list, they will not display on the main form. If I close and re-open the
database, I can choose the new records from the combo box list, and they
display properly in the main form. I tried pressing F9 on the keyboard to
update the main form as well, but it doesn't seem to see the new records in
the underlying Employees Table on the main form until I close and reopen the

Any ideas of where to look for this glitch? Something isn't refreshing
somewhere along the line...


Al Campagna

Not really sure if I understand exactly what your trying to do, but...
First, try...
upon some event that makes sense to your steup.
Perhaps on the Pop-Up Close event, or the Pop-Up BeforeUpdate?
Al Campagna
Microsoft Access MVP

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