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My user wants a form in datasheet view as a list to find which record they
want to work with. Upon finding that record, they want to click on a button
to open a form with the record to edit. No editing allowed on the datasheet
view. If they want to add a new record, they need a button for that as well.
How can this be accomplished, because in datasheet view I don't have the
control that I have in form view?



Why not to use a continous form?

You can add a command button in the detail section in order to open the form
for the specified record (filter this form using SQL or a query to show the
current record in your continuous form) and

Add a command button in the header of the continuous form to open the
recording form.

Hope this helps,


Ο χÏήστης "SuzyQ" έγγÏαψε:

Jeff Boyce

If the only purpose of the list is to show the list so a record can be
selected, then why not use a list (e.g., a listbox or a combobox)?

In fact, if you use a combobox in the header of the form, you could save
having to add a button to "go to an edit form" -- you could use the
selection in the combobox to "fill" the form you were already on.

JOPO (just one person's opinion)


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP


User has specific requirements, but I like this idea. Thanks. The combo box
was rejected by the user, but I didn't even think of using a list box - I
rarely use them. I may try on this project. George's idea will work as
well. Thanks for the ideas.

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