Refilling epson stylus cx5400 ink cartridges

Feb 23, 2006
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I have an epson printer (CX5400) and it's driving me nuts! The ink cartridges cost more than some newer printers on the market. I have gone the route of purchasing a chip resetter and have tried refilling the cartridges myself - I had no luck with the factory-included cartridges, so I purchased a compatible cartridge and am now having trouble trying to refill them. I've scanned the web for refill instructions but only get links to purchase products. Does anyone have info on how to refill these damn cartridges (website maybe?) - where do I "drill" if I need to?...And while I'm at it, what is the best brand printer which prints good photo-quality pictures and is easy to refill with third-party refill kits? :confused:

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