Red X's on Mapped Network Drives



I have a workstation with XP Pro that has 2 user accounts active on it. One
called Administrator obviously, and the other is user1. On the user1
profile, there are two mapped network drives that connect perfectly fine, but
I receive an error regarding a ms20081pls.dll (I could be wrong on the whole
name of the file) file that I can not locate on the hard drive. But the
Administrator profile is the more actice of the two accounts and works
perfectly fine except for the fact that the mapped network drives seen from
the user1 account have red x's on them as to say that they are not connected.
But when I double click on either of the two drives, I can connect to them
and the red x's disappear, and all appears to be normal. For some
addditional information, when I start up the computer with the Administrator
account, I receive an error telling me that not all the network drives could
be connected as they are linked the user1 account. So I assume that the
network drives were originally connected on the user1 account. I also tried
disconnecting and reconnecting them under the Administrator account, and even
removed them from the user1 account. My question is, how can I get those red
x's to stop appearring on the Administrator account? Is there a file I can
copy from the user1 account in the Documents and Settings folder under the
user1 folder to just allow those drives to connect fine? Any help would be
most appreciated.

Steven L Umbach

Check to make sure that you do not have any stored credentials for that
network share possibly using the user/password from user one. While logged
on as administrator go to Control Panel/user accounts/administrator and
click on manage my network passwords in the upper left hand corner and
delete anything found there for that share or computer. -- Steve

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