Login problem with original Administrator account



Hi there,
I tried to customize my XP to give two different Hardware
profiles to choose from. One profile would be having ADSL
connection acitve other profile will not give access to
In Process I did...
Booted windows logged in with the only available login as
administrator without any password.

1.I went to mmc added snapins for local users and group,
security etc ( to trick the kid who was standing next to
2. changed the administrator password to abc,
3. Added new user (user1)with admin rights
4. disabled guest account and quite the mmc by saving
changes to console1.

Then I went to Hardware profile and saved a copy of
current profile as profile2 successfully.

Then I restarted the the system just to confirm that the
password for administrator works.

Here I got stuck, it asked me for the password for user1,
without any option to switch to administrator.
And when I entred by puting password for user1 I landed in
a blank desktop with nothing.

I went back to check user/accounts(via gui tools & not
mmc) settings I found Administrator name(icon) does not
appear under user names where as user1 and guest do appear.

I need help to revert back so that I can login as
Administrator agian and not as user1(which is equal to
admin but not configured for ADSL etc.)

I will appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance & Regards.



Doug Knox MS-MVP

Once you add an additional user, the Administrator account becomes hidden. At the Welcome Screen, with no other users logged on, press CTRL-ALT-DEL twice and you'll get the old Win2K style logon. Enter Administrator, and the password for that account.

To enable the Administrator account on the new Windows XP logon screen, visit my web site, www.dougknox.com and go to the Windows XP section. Follow the link for Enable Administrator Account ......

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