Recycle Bin Problem


Richard K

I have 2 computers in my network where the Recycle Bin is not operating
correctly. I can send something to the Recycle Bin and it appears to go (I
even see the icon change on the Recycle Bin on the desktop). When I open up
the Recycle Bin I don't see the deleted item (I don't see any items) BUT
when I go to empty the Recycle Bin it asks me to confirm the deletion of the
my item. I am thinking the Recycle Bin is corrupt but I don't know how to


-Richard K



Is the Recycle Bin full when this occurs?


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
Enquire, plan and execute

Richard K

When I tested on Friday there were 5 items in the bin. I know there were 5
because when I went to empty it I got the warning message before emptying.
The key part is when I go into the bin I didn't even see the 5 items in the
list. Hence my believe on the corruption. When I deleted the 6th item I
got the same thing and warning message about the "6" items being deleted.
It all boils down to I cannot see the items in the Recycle Bin list.

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