Recurring Meeting Instances each accepted individually



We have Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2003 Server. One of our users
created a meeting request for an appointment recurring weekly for the
next year, so 52 instances. She got 52 "Meeting Accepted" responses
from one of the recipients, one for each individual week, rather than
a single recurring event.

We know that this recipient's company uses GroupWise, rather than
Exchange. Is this some kind of interoperability problem between
Exchange and GroupWise? Definitely doesn't sound like anything I've
seen before...



Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

Quite probably. I have a few clients that communicate with GroupWise users
and this sort of bbahaviour is reminiscent of what they've shown me a few
years ago. GroupWise actually makes a separate meeting for each recurrance
so it would make sense to GroupWise to have to accept each one..


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
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