Outlook 2007 Recurring Appointment Problem



We are running Exchange 2007 and we have one client who is having a strange
issue. This user was on Windows XP and Outlook 2003 and was given a new
laptop last month with Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. He also is a Blackberry
user and we have BES in house. The problem started with the new laptop. Here
is what's happening. He created a weekly recurring appointment with
attendees. At then end of each appointment he updates the notes for next
weeks appointment and sends them out to the attendees. The appointment
appears correctly at first but then within 24 hours the appointment for the
following week has reverted back to the original recurring notes but only
for his calendar. Everyone elses calendar shows the updated notes. This has
happened for a few weeks in a row. The only thing that is different is his
laptop. I'm a little baffled here. Any ideas?




i have limited experience a few years ago with BB and Outlook but i would
look at what the email synch settings are on the BB and they might be set to
trump outlook.

hope that helps and give you a new road to travel to resolve.

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