Recovering/resetting password



A while back a friend brought her daughters laptop over (Vista home).
It was screwed. I had to recover it from the recovery partition.

I set up the daughters (user) account and her Mother's admin account.
They were due to pick up the laptop the next day so I didn't write down
either password as I knew I would remember.

Well for one reason or another it took them 2 weeks to pick it up and (yep
you guessed it) I have forgotten the admin password.
Her daughter is able to use it no problem but because this is a limited user
account she is unable to set stuff up. Her Mother is unable to help as she
has no password to use the admin account.

I'm very much hoping the only solution is not having to reinstall Windows


Rick Rogers said:

Boot into Safe mode where you can log into the default admin account.
Reset Mom's password from there.

Thanks, does the default admin account have a default password? I never
touched that account when I set it up.
Just created 2 accounts, 1 limited user and 1 admin. Neither are the
"administrator" account.

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