Recovering a personal mailbox



Morning All,

So..... I have a user that had here email configured for an external POP3
server and was joined to an Win2003 domain. I recently replaced the WinServer
and created a new domain with only one problem......

The user did not backup there outlook mailbox ..... at all......

Now I think there is an .ost file that is saved locally on the machine but
after some searching I couldnt find it. I was wondering if it is possible to
recover this persons outlook mailbox and contacts without having to recreate
my old domain again......


PS any help is greatly appreciated

K. Orland

When you searched for the .ost file (default name outlook.ost), did you make
sure you can see hidden files and folders, and also known file extensions? I
believe the location is usually:

C:\Documents and Settings\usernamegoeshere\Local Settings\Application

Also, if the user was connecting to a POP3 server did they not have their
email going to a PST file? That would contain all the email, calendar
entries, tasks, etc.

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