Reconnecting network drives problem


Pete Boyd

Hi All,

My XP Pro workstation is a member of an NT4 domain where I authenticate and
map drives.
I also map a drive to another server which is in a Win2003 Active Directory.
I have the same username on my NT domain and the AD but different passwords.

When I log in, my 'local' network drives reconnect automatically but not the
one on the Win2003 server. Instead I get the popup in the system tray "Could
not reconnect network drives....". If I go into explorer and attempt to
access the disconnected drive, it prompts for my credentials then
reconnects. Can I get this to prompt me when I log in like NT4 used to
instead of putting me into Windows then notifying me it's failed to
I suspect the problem occurs due to the different passwords but conflicting
password policies prevent me from having the same passwd on both systems.




Doug Sherman [MVP]

Well, you should be able to get it to not prompt you at all by supplying the
correct credentials as part of the script:

net use x:: \\ServerOrIPaddress\share /USER:<username> <password>

Doug Sherman

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