Readyboost does not start



I bought a 2GB fast USB drive to use READYBOOST in Vista. Often it
doesn't seem to connect automatically after I've shut down Windows.

This is happinging right now and I check Properties tab ReadyBoost. I
get the message that I need at least 235 MB to enable Readyboost. I
then check in explorer and I only see a few small exe files. I have
ticked so I show hidden and protcted files. Basically, there is a huge
file somewhere on the USB drive that was used for ReadyBoost last
time. Now neither ReadyBoost nor Explorer can access this file.

Anyone has encountered this problwem and have a solution?

Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

Try disabling and re-enabling ReadyBoost then reconnect your device. If that
does not work, format the device and try again. Also, to be sure the device
is working properly, try another thumb drive just make sure its not a

Click on the Start button.
Click on the Control Panel menu option.
Click on Performance Information and Tools
Click on Advanced Tools in the left hand navigation bar.
Click on Configure my Windows ReadyBoost device

You will now be back at the Windows ReadyBoost Properties. To disable
ReadyBoost simply select the option that is labeled Do not use this device.


While I understand the obsession to get Readyboost to work because it is
supposed to the fact is, considering the multiple independent reviews and
tests done on the subject, that Readyboost does nothing to speed up your
computer any may actually slow it down from Vista's usual snail's pace.
Good luck.


Care to point out one of these independent reviews? Specifically one that
isn't hoping to gain frames per second in a first person shooter.

Sounds to me like you don't have a clue what Readyboost is.



Yes it works by reformatting the USB drive. Is there no other way to
get it to work???

Yes it doesn't seem to do much in terms of speed, but when I'm using
Photoshop at least there is high read/write action. I havn't read
anywhere that it slows down the computer. Any reference on that?


it depends on the computer, for me it slowed it down because what it would
do was use a lot of cpu time.

L.B.Capt. Jonathan Perreault
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