ReadyBoost file will not open



I found this article on the web when trying to fix my SanDisk flash drive
with ReadyBoost.

"When you eject a ReadyBoost-capable Flash drive from a Vista machine, the
reserved space for the ReadyBoost cache on the drive is also removed. This
means that the next time you plug the drive back into a Vista machine to use
it as a cache extension, you'll have to set ReadyBoost up all over again. But
if you just yank the drive, it appears as a file named ReadyBoost.sfcache on
that device, and the space remains inviolate, even on other Windows OSes.
Therefore, to keep using a Flash drive for ReadyBoost, don't use the Explorer
Eject function or the Remove Hardware
Safely widget that Vista so thoughtfully makes available on the taskbar.
Instead, simply remove the Flash drive from its USB port. That way, you'll be
able to resume ReadyBoost the next time you plug that drive back in."

Unfortunately, I used the "safely remove your flash drive widget" and now
when I re-insert the flash drive it does not give me the option to use
ReadyBoost. Instead, I get a list of all the files on the flash drive and
there is a file named "ReadyBoost". When I double click on this file, I get a
message that "Windows cannot open this file", File:ReadyBoost.sfcache. Right
clicking on the file and trying to "open with" leads to the same message and
asks me to choose from a list; however none of the listed files will open the
ReadyBoost.sfcache file. I'm afraid to use those programs listen on the web,
because they may lead to even bigger problems.

I already checked "Services" and ReadyBoost status is listed as "started"
and "automatic".

How can I get my flash drive to work as a ReadyBoost drive again? What
program will open the "ReadyBoost.sfcache" file?


Papa z,

You don't need to open the ReadyBoost cache file. After attaching the
SanDisk to a port, simply double left click Computer (formerly My Computer)
and right the Removable Disk icon, that represents your SanDisk drive, and
select Properties. Under the ReadyBoost tab make sure that the ReadyBoost
option is enabled. That's all there's to it. You're done.

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