ReadyBoost cache keeps disappearing?????



Ok my system is Vista ULT 64 bit (thank you boss!) and is fully patched with
latest device, bios and firmwares for my entire system.

Now I have a cruzer micro 4 gig usb flash drive that I fully removed U3
application from with there format tool. Ok. Whenever I enable readyboost
on it then close the window it's gone. Poof just gone. My system is:

q6600 Intel quad core CPU
P5K Asus P35 chipset vanilla board
4 gigs of RAM
10k raptor OS drive
8800GTX Video

Other than that everything is fine. I have no idea why my readyboost cache
keep going. Last week it was replaced with something else???? Is this a
joke? Vista for some reason used to like it now it doesn't? What is going
on here? Why is this happening? Please help!!!

Jarablue in Worcester.


You already have 4Gig of system RAM. Your system is not what Readyboost was
designed for.

Readyboost was designed as an addition for systems running 1-2 gig of RAM


In my experience/testing, ReadyBoost seems to really only
help those with under 1 GIG of RAM. Although, on one machine
with 2GB, I have noticed a little difference when running virtual machines.

Some additional reading about ReadyBoost by the
program manager in charge;

Back in April, I posted a blog entry on the ReadyBoost feature -
the Windows Vista feature that allows you to use a USB key as virtual memory in order to
enhance performance. While I originally intended the post to be an overview of ReadyBoost, it
proved quite popular and garnered quite a few questions seeking more detail. I apologize that
it's taken this long, but I've finally tracked down "the man" who could provide the answers -
Matt Ayers, who is the Program Manager in the Microsoft Windows Client Performance group and
basically owns the ReadyBoost feature.
Instead of updating the original post, I created this new post entry that will be the home of
the Q&A I receive. That way, people won't have to wade through opinions and comments and can
come to this post to see only Q&A.



* Mick Murphy:


So uhhh wouldn't it be nice to document this? "If users have 4 or more gigs
of RAM ready boost will dissapear from you storage" your telling me that
since I have 4 gigs of RAM ready boost will just vanish? Or it wan't
designed for 4 gig RAM systems? They are big differences. If the design
was for it to instantly vanish due to having 4 gigs of RAM than ok. But if
it wasn't designed for it, then?????


So I guess this is a mysterious issue? No one knows why ready boost
disappears? Nice. And people wonder why Vista stinks?

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