Read Only Access




I have a multi-user database where I need to create one user group that is
read only. I thought it would be straight forward, but for some reason it
isn't working. What I have is a search form where they search for a patient,
once they select a patient a patient form pops up with that patient record.
Within the patient form I have a subform which contains the fields which
read/write users will do their editing in. For some reason when I make that
subform's table read only, it doesn't show up when a search is done by the
read only user. They need to see that subform, just not make changes to it.
Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Joan Wild

Does the read-only group have open permission on the subform? Is there a
lookup field in the recordsource of the subform (they'll need read
permission on the lookup table as well)

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