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I'm trying to add a subform to a form that I had already created. The
subform is based off the field for the Patient Visit Date. Each patient may
have multiple visit dates, so I added the subform to be able to capture
multiple values for the same patient, but whenever I try to enter more than
one date I get an error message that says "You can't assign a value to this
object. * The object may be a control on a read-only form * The object may
be on a form that is open in design view * The value may be too large for
this field." I was hoping that when I entered a date into the Visit Date
field on the main form it would be stored in the subform and then return to a
blank on the main form so that another date could be entered. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

Larry Linson

Without more, and detailed, information on the data you have, how it is laid
out in Tables, and to what data (Tables or Queries) your Forms and the
pertinent Controls on those Forms are bound, we won't be able to help you.
You've said you want to add a Subform Control to a main Form you have
created, but you haven't indicated the purpose and data that either Form is
bound to.

Data is not stored in Forms, it is stored in Tables and accessed directly
from the Tables or via Queries. Forms are just for displaying and editing
the data.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Office Access MVP

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