Subform Data Entry Setting

Apr 8, 2014
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I have a form which contains a subform that displays historical data. The main form is used to enter data, and the data entry setting is set to yes. The subform's data entry setting is set to no. It is a continuous form, meant to display multiple year's worth of data, and utilizes a scroll bar to scroll through the years. However, the scroll bar doesn't work and is essentially frozen. I have targeted this to the main form's data entry property, which is being inherited by the subform. When the main form's data entry property is set to no, the scroll bar works (but the form doesn't operate the way I want it to). When the main form's data entry property is set to yes the form operates how I want to, but the scroll bar on the subform doesn't work. I've tried setting the data entry property in the subform by accessing it through the main form, by opening that form independently, and by setting it in the OnOpen event for the main form. Any other ideas of what I can do here just to get this scroll bar to work?

Thanks! :)


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