Re: Switch off auto-format of fax numbers on Outlook contact form?

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Loganathan R [MSFT]

This is the Help snip that i got from Outlook. Hope this helps you

Click Contacts Contacts .
1.. On the Actions menu, point to Call Contact, and then click New Call.
2.. Click Dialing Options.
3.. Select the Automatically add country code to local phone numbers check
The country code added is for the country specified in the Country/region
list on the General tab of the Edit Location dialog box (in the New Call
dialog box, click Dialing Properties, and then click Edit).

Note If the Automatically add country code to local phone numbers check
box is not available, Microsoft Outlook doesn't recognize the phone number
format for the specified country code and cannot automatically format phone


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When I enter a phone number on an Outlook contact form, it
(sometimes) gets automatically formatted like +32 (n)
nnn.nn.nn which is the typical punctuation of phone
numbers in Belgium. But when I use Outlook to send a fax
to such a number, the Small Business Server fails to dial
correctly because of the dots in the number.

How can I get Outlook to *not* auto-format fax numbers?


Nov 18, 2008
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1 - open device manager
2 - disable and uninstall modem (beware that you will have to re-install your modem after system restart so be sure to have drivers ready before uninstall)
3 - restart outlook (outlook should forget dialling options and stop annoying you now)

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