How to remove country code of my contacts - Outlook 2007


Bruno AMR

I usually use outlook 2007 to manage my contacts, and I simply input the
phone numbers as (city code)(phone number), and when I sync with my
blabkberry, it sends all my contacts as (country code)(city code)(phone
mumber) but my provider doens't allow ths kind of call, so I can't call any
of my contacts, how do I remove the country code? Where I find this option?

Thank you,

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Outlook does not add the country code to local numbers unless you set it to.
Uncheck that option and remove the country codes from your numbers.
There is no excuse for your sync software not to be able to handle this.
Outlook uses only conventional format. If your phone needs something
different, its sync software should accommodate that. File a bug with them.

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