Re-enabling hard drive??



any help appreciated.....
One of my hard drives (D:), was randomly triggering the 'autorun' window to
appear. As I couldn't work out why and because I was experiencing short
lock-ups on my machine that started at roughly the same time, I decided to
disable this harddrive in device manager to see if this fixed the lock-ups.
It didn't, so I thought I would simply go back to device manager and
re-enable the drive. Its vanished from the list. I've looked in admin
tools/disk management and theres no sign of it there either.


I have restarted many times to no avail. I have recently noticed that the
drive no longer appears in the bios. It is a sata drive. The 2 IDE drives are
there and the Sata C: drive obviously is there but no mention of, or any way
of scanning for the secondary Sata drive that I disabled in XP. I have
disabled hardware before in order to problem solve, but it was always there
to be re-enabled after. I understood that disabling in device manager only
meant that XP wouldn't use the hardware. I cant understand how it could
disappear from the bios.

Dave B.

You need to look at the hardware side of your problem, if the drive isn't
being detected in BIOS, Windows isn't going to see it. Check connections,
BIOS settings, etc.


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