RD connection via LAN, no RD via WAN


Bart Stradmeijer

I have got a Windows XP pro PC in a LAN setting. The LAN is connected to WAM
(internet) via a router.
Over the LAN the XP pro machine can be reached using RD and VNC by all the
other PCs. Over WAN all my PC's can be reached via VNC except the XP Pro
machine. Also RD doesn't work over WAN.

The nat in my router is confugured correctly. The firewall software on the
XP pro machine is turned off.

Does anybody have an idea what is blocking the RD (and VNC) connection?



Sooner Al [MVP]

What router?


You need to forward TCP Port 3389 through the router. See the troubleshooting section for additional



Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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