RAS Authentication


Dave Scully

I am having a problem with our RAS connection. It has
been working fine but just stopped giving error 930 The
Authentication server didnot respond to authentication
requests in a timely fashion.
I have gone through everything i can find on the
Microsoft site but still it won't authenticate users. I
have enabled tracing and the iassam log states

[2644] 14:20:20:960: NT-SAM Names handler received
request with user identity clericu.
[2644] 14:20:20:960: Prepending default domain.
[2644] 14:20:20:960: SAM-Account-Name
is "NEASDOM\clericu".
[2644] 14:20:20:960: NT-SAM Authentication handler
received request for NEASDOM\clericu.
[2644] 14:20:20:960: Processing MS-CHAP v2 authentication.
[2644] 14:20:20:976: LogonUser succeeded.
[2644] 14:20:20:976: NT-SAM User Authorization handler
received request for NEASDOM\clericu.
[2644] 14:20:20:976: Opening LDAP connection to
[2644] 14:20:20:992: Access denied -- purging Kerberos
ticket cache.
[2644] 14:20:20:992: Retrying LDAP connection to
[2644] 14:20:21:023: LDAP connect failed: Access is
[2644] 14:20:21:148: Using downlevel dial-in parameters.
[2644] 14:20:21:148: NTDomain::getConnection failed:
Access is denied.
[2644] 14:20:21:148: Could not open an LDAP connection to
domain NEASDOM.
[2644] 14:20:21:148: Per-user attribute retrieval failed:
Access is denied.

Can anyone enlighted me as to how I give access so that
the LDAP connection won't fail?

Manjari Bonam [MSFT]

Looks like the VPN Server is not able to contact the domain. Check if your
RADIUS server is properly configured if you are using it.

Otherwise there might some problem contacting the domain.

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