Random crashing and Shut down failing!



Well, where do I start?

I installed Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 Build 5600 (activated) as a clean
I was using Windows XP Home before, with no problems.

Since installing Windows Vista my PC keeps on crashing.
The crashes seem to be random, as it happens when running different
applications, after different amount of times.

I have disabled the graphics card and removed the PCI TV Card, but still the
crashes happen.
The graphics card driver used are the new NVIDIA drivers from their website,
and the Windows Vista (MS WDDM) drivers

that Vista installed.

The only device that had any conflicts was the USB All-in-One printer, which
has also been removed and disabled.

If I start the PC in safe mode, I get no crashes. Therefore it must be some
sort of device; but nothing is really


I also tried the low res mode, but still it crashed.

The other problem I am having is that when shutting down or restarting, the
PC just hangs where is says "Shutting

down...". The only way to restart is by removing the power cord and then
plugging it back in!

The blue screen of death only appears very quickly. So far the only error I
can see on it is: "0x0000009F

(0x00000003,"; but when the PC restarts (where I have to decide how I start
up... safe mode, normal etc) the crash

report shows that it is a 0x000000EA!!!

I thought of doing a dump check, but I have no idea where the dump report is
saved :(

My PC spec is:
* Dell Dimension 8300
* Bios version A07
* 1.5Gb RAM
* Intel P4 CPU 2.60Ghz (with Hyper-Threading)
* 120Gb HDD
* NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200

Any and all help is very, very welcome as I have now spent 18 hours trying
to solve all this!!
I have even installed Vista as a clean install a second time, still without

Many thanks in advance for any help,



More than anything else, try removing the nvidia driver and reboot back to
the Microsoft WDDM driver, this fixed my install that kept blue screening.

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