Ramdisk and Joining a Domain



I posted this question before, but no answers yet. So here it comes again:

I am working on a new network and have the assignement to implement diskless
(no harddisks nor flashcards) workstations in a AD environment.
I used the Windows Embedded Studio to create a baseline configuration and
deployed this to workstation with harddisk to finish out the First Boot
Agent. From this disk I created a baseline image to be distributed by PXE to
the other workstations without disk. This all works fine.

Now I need to join all the workstations to AD.
My questions are:
- do I need to join the baseline image to the domain before PXE-ing the
image to the workstations?
- or can the workstations dynamically join the domain after booting the
ramdisk-image on the diskless workstations. Normal WinXP-installations
require a reboot when manually joining the domain, but in case of a ramdisk
image, all changes would be lost.
- or should I create for all workstations a seperate ramdisk-image which are
all joined to the domain (there are about 150 diskless workstations)
- or is there an other way to achieve joining a domain with diskless

Thanx in advance


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